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Dr. James F. Szarko graduated with a degree in Oral Dentistry in 1976. After graduation, he worked for the West Virginia State Dental Health Program in three dental clinics, one for children, an industrial home for girls ages 7-18, and an industrial home for boys ages 7-18. In 1980, Dr. Szarko opened his own private practice in Parkersburg. Every other month, he offers dental services to local emergency rooms.

Associations & Committees:

  • President of Blennerhassett Dental Society
  • Executive Council of State of West Virginia Dental Associations (State & National Committees for 18 Years)
  • Served On Committee — Blennerhassett American Dental Association Poster Page (for Children Kindergarten – 6th Grade)
  • West Virginia President Elect (2009)
  • Vice President, West Virginia State Dental Association (2010)
  • President, West Virginia Dental Association (2011)
  • ADA Alternate State Delegate (2011)
  • West Virginia University School of Dentistry — Alumni Board of Governors
While president of the state association, Dr. Szarko designed a statewide continuing education calendar. This provided members with dental continuing education programs for the entire year.


Mission of Mercy — Dr. Szarko participated in two Mission of Mercy Programs one in Hedgesville, West Virginia. This program provided free dental work to adults who could not afford dental care. He also helped establish the Mission of Mercy Weekend Program in Parkersburg, WV, in which dentists from West Virginia and other states came to give their expertise and services to the cause. They served 1,800 patients and provided more than a million dollars of dentistry free of charge. The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department was instrumental in opening Smiles For Life, a dental clinic for adults. This was a result of the Parkersburg Mission of Mercy program.
  • Wood County Public School System — Sponsored Tommy the Toothbrush for 10 Years
  • Wood County Public School System Co-Op Program Dental Chairman — Trained Students for 5 Years
  • Junior College — West Virginia University Parkersburg — Taught Dental Pathology to the Dental Assisting Program
  • West Virginia University School of Dentistry Visiting Committee 2011 — 3 Years

While president of the state dental association, Dr. Szarko enforced a statewide continuing education calendar. This calendar provided members with information about what courses were available for a particular time of year.


  • West Virginia Dentist Association
  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Member of Academy of General Dentistry
  • International College of Dentistry (Inducted November 2015)
  • American College of Dentist (Only 3% of dentists nationwide are invited to join for outstanding dentistry)


  • Pierre Fauchard Award for Dentist of the Year — Outstanding Dentist That Makes Contributions to the Arts & Sciences of Dentistry (2013)
  • Jefferson Award — National Nobel Prize Award for Outstanding Community Service (1990)
  • Wood County Spirit Award — Mission of Mercy
  • John Howard Award in Dentistry School (1976)
  • Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts of America)
  • West Virginia University School of Dentistry — Alumni Dentist of the Year (2016)

Other Accomplishments:

  • Pressley Ridge Organization — Drug & Rehabilitation Center for Children Ages 9-18 (Since 1985)
  • Nationwide Donated Dental Services — For 15 Years, Dr. Szarko Has Taken Time to Treat People for No Charge
  • Opened Clinic for MOM (Mission of Mercy), Providing the "Smiles for Life" Adult Dental Program
  • Rural Dental Health Professor at West Virginia Dental

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